Anonymous FTP Sites In Domain WS

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  • Total file number: 317
  • Total file size: 79.68 MB
  • System: UNIX Type: L8
  • Directories in /pub/: ax25post/, dos/, incoming/, linux/, packet/, users/, win/
  • Welcome message: FTP server (Version wu-2.6.2(1) Fri Mar 1 01:02:46 MET 2002) ready.
    Welcome, archive user!  This is an experimental FTP server.  If have any
    unusual problems, please report them via e-mail to
    If you do have problems, please try using a dash (-) as the first character
    of your password -- this will turn off the continuation messages that may
    be confusing your ftp client.
    Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.

  • Total file number: 316
  • Total file size: 1.52 GB
  • Directories in /pub/: TiVo/, millert/, mktemp/, newsyslog/, sudo/

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